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2017 Flea Market

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  1. What we do.
    What we do.
    We provide our vendors with a great atmosphere to sell and be seen. That's what helps keep some the great stuff in our markets. Host to monthly markets for people in the area (and some out) to buy and sell awesome stuff. Ask around, they'll tell ya.
  2. Where we're at.
    Where we're at.
    We are located in a small town named Park City. This town is just north of Wichita, east of Maize, south of Valley Center, and west of Kechi. Just west of highway 135 on 61st. We are easy to find. Come check us out.
  3. Who we are?
    Who we are?
    We search high and low for old and new. We have a eye for the unique items that you will love to decorate with or just show of to your friends. Step into the world of a PAAK Rat.
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August 20th Flea Market
    One of our first ever Flea Markets put on right here next to our store. It was fun and exciting for everyone, young and old. Many Vendors and growing. Bounce house supplied by Party Bounce in Wichita, food, face painting and more.

  We envision our next Event in September to be even bigger and better. More vendors, bigger entertainment, and always a lot of fun with great stuff.  Look through our pictures of all the great stuff.

We want to thank everyone who came out and made it great!
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